By Rollin Becker, D.O. Edited by Rachel Brooks, M.D.

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From The Stillness of Life: THE STILLNESS OF LIFE is the second volume of Dr. Rollin E. Becker’s work and serves as a companion to the previously published Life in Motion. While that first volume largely contains material Dr. Becker presented in public, this work consists mainly of his more personal communication.

Dr. Becker strongly believed that a philosophy, no matter how great it might sound, was of little use unless it had a practical expression. Given this belief, osteopathy was a perfect venue for Dr. Becker’s life work. Osteopathy’s philosophy is far-reaching, and its application to patient care is direct. Osteopathic understanding, as enunciated by its founder, Andrew Taylor Still, encompasses everything from the physical structure of the body to the universal forces that govern all nature. Similarly, the practice of osteopathy has within it the simple taking hold of a bone as well as being conscious of all the forces operating in the patient, including his or her highest spiritual nature.

Dr. Becker found this all-encompassing approach to osteopathy demonstrated in a living way in William G. Sutherland, D.O. Not long before they met, Dr. Becker had made a commitment to himself to learn more about osteopathy–the laws that govern nature and the practical application of them to help mankind. He became a dedicated student of Dr. Sutherland, and a close personal relationship developed between teacher and student during the last decade of Dr. Sutherland’s life. The items in this book date from 1949 to 1987. They show the development of Dr. Becker’s ideas over time and express his strong commitment to continual observation and reflection. The items cover a broad range of discussion on osteopathic subjects. On one end of the spectrum are thoughtful articulations of basic concepts as Dr. Becker instructs his son during the early stages of his son’s medical practice. On the other end are Dr. Becker’s attempts to put into words the indescribable energetic and spiritual aspects of his understanding.

ROLLIN E. BECKER (1910-1996) graduated from the American School of Osteopathy (later renamed the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) in 1934, and following a few years in Oklahoma, he moved to Michigan, where he practiced for thirteen years.

In 1944, after about a decade in Michigan, he met William Garner Sutherland, D.O., and undertook a study of his work. In 1948, he first served on the teaching faculty at one of Dr. Sutherland’s courses. Dr. Becker moved to Texas in 1949, where he practiced until 1989. Throughout that time, he continued to serve Dr. Sutherland and his work. Dr. Becker was the president, from 1962 through 1979, of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, an educational organization dedicated to perpetuating the teachings of W.G. Sutherland.