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The collected writings of William G. Sutherland, D.O.

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From Contributions of Thought :
William Garner Sutherland came to study the osteopathy of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1898 and found within that study a lifetime’s work. This volume of his collected writings, Contributions of Thought, represents that work, which Adah Sutherland described in the preface to the first edition as depicting the progress of an “original thinker.”

She went on to say: “With a steadfast sense of personal responsibility, Dr. Sutherland accepted Dr. Andrew Taylor Still’s admonition that D.O. stands not only for Doctor of Osteopathy but for “dig on” as well. His writings convey that he did so, consistently I like to believe that the attentive reader will see revealed in these writings how Dr. Sutherland’s self-imposed “digging” heightened his comprehension of osteopathic philosophy and its application in practice. It was through this constructive discipline that he was guided, to his own amazement, into the channel of cranial research. This perseverance culminated in his contribution of the cranial concept to the osteopathic profession – ‘osteopathy in the cranial field’.’”

As the decades have passed since Dr. Sutherland’s death in 1954, the teaching of osteopathy in the cranial field has continued and expanded. In this context, these collected writings have increasing importance to the new generations of osteopaths as a source for understanding the cranial concept as it was originally presented by W.G. Sutherland. His original writings contain within them a key for those wanting to fully practice the osteopathy of Drs. Still and Sutherland. To think deeply, feel deeply, and know deeply with Dr. Sutherland as one studies his writings, leads one to the core of osteopathy.

The Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization established in 1953 by Dr. Sutherland and senior members of his teaching faculty. Dr. Sutherland conceived of the foundation as a way of providing a continuity for his teaching.

Dr. Sutherland was the first president of the foundation, and since his death in 1954, there have been just four subsequent presidents, which has provided for a continuity in the organization’s teaching program. The presidents who followed Dr. Sutherland were John Harakal, DO, F.A.A.O., Michael P. Burruano, DO and Melicien Tettambel, DO who has served since 2006.

The charter of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation calls for the organization to dedicate itself to educational activities. It specifically states its objective as using its resources to establish the principles of osteopathy in the cranial field as conceived and developed by William Garner Sutherland, to disseminate a general knowledge of these principles and the therapeutic indication for this approach to treatment, to encourage and assist physicians in osteopathy, and to stimulate continued study and greater proficiency on the part of those practicing osteopathy in the cranial field.

In its endeavor to carry out these objectives, the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation supports research, produces publications, and offers both basic and continuing studies courses. As a not-for-profit educational foundation, it accepts charitable contributions to support its work of perpetuating and disseminating the teachings in the science of osteopathy as expanded by William Garner Sutherland, DO.