Osteopathic Excerpts

The goal of an osteopathic treatment

The goal of an osteopathic treatment is to affect a more efficient interchange between all the fluids of the body and across all their tissue interfaces. -William G. Sutherland, D.O. read more

If we want to understand this [physiological] mechanism

If we want to understand this [physiological] mechanism, we have to understand and feel how it functions in both a state of health and a state of illness. We have to learn through it; we must function as it functions; we must think as it thinks; and we have to experience it with our hands. We have to experience it in terms of its living function, understanding the way this body would act if it were in good health. We must not only explore symptoms; we have to look around, everywhere, across... read more

Have you ever had a thought strike you?

Have you ever had a thought strike you? I have told many times of the thought that struck me before I graduated from the American School of Osteopathy. [In trying] to prove that motion between cranial bones in the living adult is impossible….I gained knowledge not only of the articular mobility of the skull but also of the Tide and something within that I call the “Breath of Life.” I do not consider this contribution of thought mine–I call it a guiding thought. The goal... read more

Osteopathy is a science

Osteopathy is a science with possibilities as great as the magnitude of the heavens. It is a science dealing with the natural forces of the body. We work as osteopaths with the traditional principle in mind that the tendency in the patient?s body is always toward the normal. There is much to discover in the science of osteopathy by working with the forces within that manifest the healing processes. These forces within the patient are greater than any blind force that can safely be brought to... read more
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