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Date Course Tuition
13 Jul 2018 until 15 Jul 2018 Treating Compressions in the Cranium
Osteopathic Center San Diego, San Diego CA
Course Description:

Rollin E. Becker, DO introduced us to a more complete understanding of how to treat trauma induced compressions in the cranium and body and stating, “I use compression in all my treatments.” OCF instruction over the last 75 years has emphasized the importance of treatment strain patterns (torsions, lateral strains, etc.) in the cranium, but little about treating cranial compressions. In a complete practice of OCF, the practitioner must learn how to safely use compression to treat compressions throughout the cranium.
Since 1985, Ken Graham, DO, has been developing a method of teaching the diagnosis and treatment of compressions, as taught to him by Dr. Becker.
At an OCA Conference in 2011, Herb Miller, DO, knowing Rollin’s work better than anyone, told Dr. Graham “You have got what Dr. Becker was doing, go teach it.”
The course will include a manual of instruction that describes and illustrates the treatment of compressions in the cranium.

2 Nov 2018 until 4 Nov 2018 The Face
Embassy Suites, Lexington Green, Lexington KY
Course Description:

Additional time (beyond the 40 hours of a Basic course of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field) is needed to address the anatomical complexities and manipulative treatment options associated with the Face.  This course was developed to impart this information

In great detail, the anatomy and physiology functioning of the Face, as it relates to the Primary Mechanism, is discussed and palpated.  Palpatory contacts are discussed and practiced.