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Date Course Tuition
3 May 2019 until 7 May 2019 2019 Basic Course: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
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Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Parker CO
Course Description:

SCTF Basic Course in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

                      Maximum Course enrollment:  52                       Teacher to Student Ratio:  1:4
William Garner Sutherland, DO and some of his devoted teaching faculty incorporated the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation in 1953. Then as now, they are dedicated to the teaching of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field as Sutherland’s interpretation of Andrew Taylor Still’s Osteopathy.

The Basic Course has been taught continuously since that time to introduce Osteopathic physicians, and more recently, students and residents, to the primary respiratory mechanism and Sutherland’s teachings.

The SCTF Basic Course uses lectures and table sessions to deliver hands-on training.  Our faculty are carefully chosen from physicians demonstrating a grasp of the material, having used the work in their own practice for 5 years and an interest in continuing the teaching.  Contact with Osteopathic physicians with this level of expertise is offered by few if any of the Osteopathic colleges.

Osteopathic perceptual skills are greatly enriched by this course. Detailed applied anatomy is the cornerstone of the course and the cornerstone of Osteopathy.  Precise technique is taught as a tool for deeper understanding of inherent healing forces within the patient. Participants improve their manual skills and take away lessons which are applicable in practice.  Participants appreciate the focused attention and course evaluations are virtually always positive.


    Sign-in begins at 7:00 am
    Course begins at 8:00 am           Days end between 5 – 6 pm
  • FOOD
    Lunch is provided each day of the course.  A box lunch on the last day allows the greatest flexibility to the end of the course session.
    There are morning and afternoon snacks each day.  Coffee/Tea/Water are provided.
    1.  Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy, W.G. Sutherland, D.O.
    2.  Contributions of Thought, A. Sutherland, D.O., and A.L. Wales, D.O.
    3.  Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, H.I. Magoun, D.O., FAAO
  • Texts are available from btpubservices.com.
4 Oct 2019 until 6 Oct 2019 Nose and Throat
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University of New England – College of Osteopathic Medicine, Biddeford Maine
Course Description:

Paid before 8/3 – $825  | Paid after 8/3 – $875
Group Lodging at Holiday Inn Express, Saco – 45 Barra Rd. Biddeford, ME
Call 207-294-6464 – Identify Group Code SCTF for group pricing

$825 - $875