If we want to understand this [physiological] mechanism, we have to understand and feel how it functions in both a state of health and a state of illness. We have to learn through it; we must function as it functions; we must think as it thinks; and we have to experience it with our hands. We have to experience it in terms of its living function, understanding the way this body would act if it were in good health. We must not only explore symptoms; we have to look around, everywhere, across this living body, and find what it would like to be and how it would like to live.

I feel very strongly that we have the opportunity to go deeper into the study of stillness…. I am trying to bring into focus a way… of using the stillness objectively and subjectively in the diagnosis and treatment of our cases…. It is a treatment program in which health is related to a return to the freedom of interchange between body physiology and stillness.